Conditions to validate your registration :
To recap, here are once again the registration guidelines and an answer to most of the questions we already received:
* The Brussels Management Challenge is a student competition: master students + PhD students are welcome. No young workers
* Mix between students with a business background and other students with a STEM background. Students from other faculties (social sciences, law…) are also allowed but are not considered as stem, they can register on their own or in pairs as well.
* STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. All types of studies that fall into this description are welcome; as long as they have a strong “scientific/ technological background”.
* The registrations for this edition are organized by pairs (not by teams). You and a STEM student need to register together (full process + deposit) to validate the registration for both of you; as a pair.
* THEN, pairs will be added together to form teams of 3 pairs (=6 people). If you know another pair you would like to be teamed up with, you will have the possibility to do so and indicate it in the registration form next to your group name. To sum up: pairs register together, if they indicate a preference to be teamed up with one or two other pairs (with a valid registration) this will be arranged by the BMC organizing team.
* As a reminder; for organizational reasons, only master students from ICHEC will be allowed and a limit of 140 ICHEC MA1 students will be applied. First come, first served basis with a valid registration (pair is complete, full registration process and deposit).

* What about “Medicine” students? They are welcome because of their strong scientific background, but no para-medical fields. We encourage you to find a STEM student that will be able to help you with the more technical parts of the challenges.
* PhD student? Yes, PhD students are welcome. All people having as main activity studying are considered “students”. No young workers already on the job market.
* Erasmus students? They need to register indicating their home university not ICHEC! They can register alone, but welcome to do in pairs as well.
* Already a team of 4 or 6? Nice, but keep in mind you register by pairs first. Once pairs are validated we will try to create groups based on the pairs’ expressed wishes (as long as those pairs have a valid registration as well and are within the quota).
* If you have any question, feel free to contact us via our Facebook page or via our email address: info@brusselsmanagementchallenge.com